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Troubling News about Kindle Unlimited

Originally posted on T.R. (Tom) Harris – Science Fiction Writer:
Amazon just announced that the payout for Kindle Unlimited rentals (KU’s) is only $1.33 each for October. This compares to $1.52 for September, $1.54 for August and $1.81 for…

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Hachette-Amazon deal–more bad news for the rest of us?

David Streitfield at the New York Times reports: “Amazon and Hachette Resolve Dispute.” More dominance for Amazon and the big publishers, less opportunity for everyone else? So far as I can tell from what we know (only the basics) and … Continue reading

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Romance authors get it clean AND dirty

The updated BISAC Codes, 2014 BISG has updated the fiction group with 11 new sub-categories of interest to authors in the fiction markets. Romancers will be happy to have a “clean & wholesome” code to alert readers to their tamer … Continue reading

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Granny squares to delight for. 44 weeks

Granny squares to delight for. 44 weeks of members’ patterns from the Block A Week project at the Crafty Crochet Community (see their FB site.) Number 45 coming up soon. Patterns are available and free. Wowser times infinity.

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Selling books doesn’t make you a book publisher

Vanity Fair attempted an overview of the Amazon/Publishers fracus this month. Former Amazon employee Rebecca Allen discusses the Vanity Fair article on “The Zon” The self-pubs are interpreting both the Vanity Fair piece and Allen’s fairly neutral assessment of it … Continue reading

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Hugh Howey says Publishers R Bad, Volume: Infinity

Hugh Howey’s latest. I won’t bother dissecting it other than to point out that Hugh’s logic falls apart on many levels, but this one is the easiest example: He says HBO selling its shows direct to consumers is a good … Continue reading

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A Not-So-Golden Panel Discusses Amazon

As reported in Booklife “Will Amazon lead us into a golden age of publishing?” was the topic of a New York-based panel organized by Ted Talkish the New America Foundation. It was a very poorly chosen panel. Howey is an … Continue reading

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