Cover Art Apprentice — The Challenge!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????At a small publishing house it’s all hands on deck to get the big jobs done. Company titles mean very little. So it has come to pass that yours truly is adding “Assistant Apprentice Cover Designer” to the list. Since acquiring the ImaJinn imprint last fall we’ve been sorting through a treasure trove of older books that need makeovers to update their cover style.

Here’s one of the first in my apprentice challenge: J.A. Ferguson’s classic time travel romance, LOVE ONCE IN PASSING.

Did I mention that ImaJinn books are *paranormal* romances? Which means a mash-up of Viking warriors and Regency ladies,   17th century  colonials , contemporary heroines,  and a sexy king of the leprechauns, to name a few  — requiring a gallery of  hard-to-find images among the “stock” art of buff body builders and  bodacious blond swimsuit models.  God bless photo filters and symbolic flowers.

About Deborah Smith

Designer, artist, writer, and owner of ORNAMENTED POSSUM and THE PICKY POSSUM, selling hand made and hand picked goods on Amazon, eBay, Red Bubble, Etsy, and others.
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