foxgloves cvr final final best_thumbnail_edited-1Now on sale: the first in a trilogy of ebook novellas in sequel to A PLACE TO CALL HOME, Deborah Smith’s New York Time’s Bestselling novel of childhood soulmates in a small Georgia town who defy the odds to reconnect as adults. WHERE THE FOXGLOVES BLOOM finds them two years later, in 1997, happily married but still prey to the ghosts of Roan’s past, as proved when a shocking intruder violently disrupts their town’s spring festival and brings Roan’s family history back into an ugly spotlight. Ebook only, 70 pages, Kindle.

“Roan and I thought we’d made our peace with the past. We looked forward to the future. Our days were crammed with plans, work, love. In fact, we looked to the future with too much confidence, the way people do when they think they’ve survived their share of challenges and therefore life owes them nothing but cookies and cream from now on.

Which is why we didn’t see Zach Donovan coming.”

Overwhelmingly romantic, yet poignant, heartwarming, and filled with the quirky family drama of “biscuits and bedroom” southern fiction, WHERE THE FOXGLOVES BLOOM, the first of three novellas, bring readers back to the world of Claire Maloney and Roan Sullivan, whose star-crossed small town Georgia childhood and adult reunion in the go-go 1990’s ended with them at peace together on their beloved Dunshinnog mountain, though Roan, the boy from the opposite of the tracks who made good, would always be wary of Claire’s volatile and powerful southern family.
Now, two years after the events of that New York Times bestselling novel, A PLACE TO CALL HOME, Roan and Claire are married and stand at the cusp of the new millennium in their exurban Atlanta mountain town, Dunderry, where the appearance of morality and the politics of social justice are no less complicated than when Roan and Claire were children. When Roan foils a tattooed stranger’s robbery attempt during Dunderry’s upscale St. Patrick’s Day festival—totally disrupting the festival—the town’s shock is compounded by the handsome thug’s claim that he’s Roan’s young half-brother. When testing proves his claim true, the showdown between past and present is set. Claire never turned her back on Roan; can he do the same for his far more notorious sibling, even if it means bringing a criminal into Claire’s family—his family , now that they’re married—and risking the tentative truce he’s built for her sake?

Praise for A Place To Call Home
“Rarely will a book touch your heart like A Place to Call Home. So sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy.”
–The Atlanta Journal and Constitution
“A beautiful, believable love story.”
–The Chicago Tribune
“Stylishly written, filled with Southern ease and humor.” –Tampa Tribune
From the Publisher
“Rarely will a book touch your heart like A Place to Call Home. So sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy.”
–The Atlanta Journal and Constitution
“A beautiful, believable love story.”
–The Chicago Tribune
“Stylishly written, filled with Southern ease and humor.” –Tampa Tribune
“Exciting and heartwarming.” – Booklist
“Recommended.” – Library Journal
“This is a story for any romantic who wants a bit of mystery, a lot of suspense, a tale of two star-crossed lovers, and a satisfying ending to a fast-paced novel. “ – School Library Journal

Deborah Smith is also the author of the No. 1 Kindle bestseller, The Crossroads Cafe, On Bear Mountain, A Gentle Rain, Sweet Hush, and others. An award-winning author of quirky southern women’s fiction with strong romantic elements, her novels have sold millions of copies and been translated worldwide.

Look for the second novella in the Foxglove Trilogy in late 2014.


Zach Donovan strained at the handcuffs. “All you had to do was let me have the
“So you could drag your baby along with you while you robbed the next target?”
I grasped Roan’s arm. “Let’s go.”
“Where’ll they take her?” Donovan groaned.
“They’ll put her in foster care.”

About Deborah Smith

Designer, artist, writer, and owner of ORNAMENTED POSSUM and THE PICKY POSSUM, selling hand made and hand picked goods on Amazon, eBay, Red Bubble, Etsy, and others.
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3 Responses to Now on sale: WHERE THE FOXGLOVES BLOOM

  1. Melissa says:

    I’ve been waiting for this for what seems like FOREVER!! It was well worth the wait. My only complaint is that it was only 70 pages and now I have to wait months for the next installment. A Place to Call Home was the first of your books I ever read and I’ve been hooked on everything of yours ever since. Please continue doing what you’re doing–I can’t get enough!


  2. TaMara says:

    OMG!!!! MORE FROM ONE OF MY FAVORITE STORIES EVER?! Here I was, mad because my sub assignment for the day got mixed up, and so I’m bumming around and I wonder if the new McBrides is released yet. Check Amazon, don’t see it. So I go to this website and I see the post above. I’m super excited, can’t wait!!


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